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Listen to what people are saying about Path2Success4ME …

Each person is affected differently by using the path2success4me process.  Because the program is only interested in what the clients (PathFinders) are expressing about themselves, each person will have a unique experience.  Capturing these experiences permits clients to encourage others to be open to the topic of “show me the way.”  The testimonies provide insight as to how awkward a person’s life was, and how clearly they have been able to focus on important matters to them…and find solutions to pressing issues.

In addition this is a roster of publications written about the path2success4me process.  Many individuals have asked “show me the way,” so this roster of articles will open many doors to providing solutions to unusual, but common, situations in life.  Please read all you like, as you will find them informative and maybe even entertaining!

Path 2 Success 4 Me has 5 different types of clients which are: business people, professionals (doctors, lawyers, dentists), students, parents, and organizations. It is not limited to any type of business, client age, sex, country of origin. It is scientifically designed enable a client to discover many new things about themselves. By becoming aware of their uniqueness, it helps them develop the leadership skills and tools to find their purpose in life.
Jonathan Searle, age 50: As a business owner, I found Path2Success4ME and it gave me a chance to discover the things that were really important to me, the obstacles holding me back and how to take the steps to overcome them. I believe it is a program that can help just about anyone. In fact I was so impressed, I am now on the Board of Advisors to P2S4ME.
Lea Petersen, age 28:
Hi my name is Lea and Path 2 Success 4 Me gave me a new chapter in my life. Path2Success4ME helped me increase my positive power and relate more productively with my friends and family right away. I love it! I was able to become authentic to my true nature, my purpose, and myself. I was able to find the track that I wanted to be on and was meant to be on. I was able to re-categorize my life and be very clear, and knowing what was first to tackle. There was no more second guessing.  It was thrilling to be able to go back to the raw material of myself and see what it revealed. I was able to validate who I am and explore what is different. It provided me with great piece of mind. I can now go back and deal with my past with unbelievable confidence. I learned ways to help myself that will be used for the rest of my life. I really liked writing about myself and felt that Path 2 Success 4 Me really extracted the essentials inside me. I believe that anyone on this earth can go through this process and discover themselves.  My life had become all about being in safe place, which was boring, and I was missing out on life. It is when you are alive that things grow. Path 2 Success 4 Me makes you alive and healthy. The process is so revealing. It drove into so many things in my life and helped me learn a different approach to my life and how I now treat each day, each conversation.  I have become capable, I am more efficient, I am clearer, I am better able to plan and communicate, I am better able to say what I want and feel, and I process things much more efficiently. I never would have thought all this was possible. It empowered me with powerful tools that I can use whenever I want. I would recommend it to all.

George Evashko, Del Mar California-  I have had the amazing experience of participating in the Path2Success4Me program and enthusiastically endorse it!   The program exceeded all of my expectations.  It provides an amazing vehicle for looking at your life, mapping out a plan, determining what’s holding you back and what you need to move forward.  I got the kick start to get going as well as the strategy to follow through with my plans.  My main goal in experiencing the program was to gain clarity on my career path, to do this while creating balance with my family and to re-establish my sense of self.  I have created improved quality time with my three young boys, my wife and our family as a whole. 

My encourager, Dave Thorpe, knows the rhythm of success.  He is an incredible source of inspiration and his methods have improved the quality of my life.  Dave empowers people to permanently transform their lives and create the world of their dreams. His techniques and methods are based on solid scientific research and his results are powerful and lasting.

My goals are set and I have the skills to reach them.  Now that I have come this far, I am excited to see where I go from here. I am grateful to Dave Thorpe and Path2Success4Me for the significant positive impact on my life.

Joey, University of California – Merced August, 2009
Throughout our meetings, I have learned how to set personal goals in a step-by-step manner. This process has provoked me to take initiative when faced with obstacles. For instance, I was encouraged to call the UC Irvine Admissions Office and engage in a conversation about what I can do to improve my application for the upcoming year and question the admission criteria for transfer students. In addition, our meetings helped me reach my goals by creating time-driven tasks. Prior to our meetings, I would have been lethargic about researching ideal colleges, reading business newspapers, or discerning what major suits me best for my college years. Therefore, the meetings have aided me in completing research for college as well as allowing me to realize I need additional extracurricular activity. As a result, I took up an internship for real estate in Rancho Santa Fe for Summer 2009. By encouraging me to engage in extracurricular work, I feel that my application to transfer will be much stronger in the year to come. I believe that each meeting contributed to my knowledge by boosting my confidence, teaching me to take initiative, and helping me recognize important information about my college career. I am thankful for the experience, and plan to use my acquired knowledge from the meetings in the future.
Anna, Del Mar, CA
I hired Dave Thorpe to assist my son in finding his direction in college. As a college freshman, I thought that my son was conflicted about his major; trying to decide whether to follow a course that he found intriguing vs following the path his parents set out for him.  Dave leapt into the task with his usual boundless enthusiasm; evaluating my son’s current educational situation as well as his interests and desires. Initially our son was not especially keen on the process and not convinced that he needed any guidance. But with Mr. Thorpe’s diligence, exceptional listening skills, and exuberant encouragement, he has come to appreciate the assistance. Dave provided timely and relevant materials for my son to study, plus his insight into how young men think made him able to draw information out of my son that he would have been reluctant to reveal over general dinner conversation.
After several meetings, emails, and phone conversations between the two of them, I can detect a difference in my son’s demeanor. He’s now much more confident in seeking out his own direction and pressing his contacts for more information. He will call people to follow up on his college status, on his own, without any nudging from his parents or Mr. Thorpe. I believe some tiny bit of Dave Thorpe’s effervescent energy has splashed onto my son and sparked the realization that he can do anything he sets his mind to; he does not have to settle for what’s good enough, but aim much higher. This is very encouraging to me.
I highly recommend hiring Dave Thorpe as a guide, mentor, and sounding board. The kids trust him implicitly and as a third party has no burdens of the angst caused by parental interactions. I believe that kids will tell Dave things that they’d feel uncomfortable relating to their parents and that give him a better advantage in determining the young adult’s dream direction. With the addition of the Dave’s heartfelt encouragement, the kids can aspire to much higher heights than they might on their own, or under their parent’s heavy expectations.