As a parent, you must create your own Parents Handbook

Parents frequently suffer from knowing what to do. They have been slogging through life and not enough is meeting their needs. They feel emptier than they choose to feel…something is missing they can’t quite put their hands on. A life of purpose is what they seek, and they will be inspired to feel that path2success4ME can help them attain it.

A parent is often frustrated because the child is not performing to the parents’ expectations. Parents want to be able to pass their legacy on to their kids, but the child seems unwilling or unable to “do the right things”. The child may do well in certain areas, but is not excelling in others. The parent wants to help in those areas.

The parents want to do the “right thing”. Often the mother sees the child in conflict with the father figure and sees no possible resolution in sight, which increases her desire to find a “safe haven” to protect the child. The parent may realize that communication at home is basic and home life is not really encouraging to the child. While the parent provides everything, they have a certain level of expectation for the child to “step up to the plate”, which does not happen usually due to family dynamics of:

A. communication between parent/child is not effective

B. discipline in household is lacking and usually enforced by yelling or anger

C. parents have not been able to pass on their “knowledge” to the child and feels they are not doing their job well

D. little time is spent in family discussions and when time is spent the discussions usually end in someone being upset

E. Conversations tend to be short and parents tailor them to “did you do this…” or “why did you do that”

F. The parent is desperately not wanting to be a COP, but since child has little respect for parents issues, parents continue to be the COP.

The solution to this type of frustration can be found in Path2Success4ME.  The program helps the parents and the children, both individually and as a family unit.  And, the new skills and personal benefits last throughout their lives.

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