Guess what … you may be a student now, but you will be a student of life forever!

Often students attending class in high school, college, or junior college, have no clear path to as to where their education will lead. They feel uncertain, hesitant, maybe lacking in conviction of their direction. Education permits them freedom from having to announce what they intend to do in life.

They seek purpose but have not found it in their friends, mentors, family relationships, school work, hobbies, activities, religion, or work. The students know they want to do something in life but indecision, inability to develop a vision, and distrust of the system cause them emptiness. This may cause them to appear isolated to their parents, as the students are certainly not communicating well with them.

The students may have peer relationships with little value (just hanging around), may have no mentors, they may have weak knowledge of where success is available to them, and they may have little ability to articulate who they are and what means something to them. Most certainly they don’t have a picture in their mind of what their destination “looks like” and are relatively blindly seeking direction to something satisfying to them.

Path2Sucess4Me provides a lasting solution to fulfilling your student’s life.

Following is a short Testimonial from happy parents about a young student who needed help:

The parents knew the student had “brains” - the young man was just not using them productively. His parents’ concern was valid, but the problem wasn’t something a doctor or psychologist could fix. The son was “stuck” and his parents were frustrated, not knowing how to help him.

An old guy named Dave Thorpe (See Chief Encourager on this web site) came along, and was amazingly able to communicate with the young man. In 20 hours, smiles at home replaced the frustration. The son unlocked his strengths, discovered his motivation, and developed his own plan which he was eager to follow. The parents were in awe as the son desired and accepted personal accountability for his new agenda.

Below is a testimonial from a bright college student:

Joey, University of California – Merced August, 2009
Throughout our meetings, I have learned how to set personal goals in a step-by-step manner. This process has provoked me to take initiative when faced with obstacles. For instance, I was encouraged to call the UC Irvine Admissions Office and engage in a conversation about what I can do to improve my application for the upcoming year and question the admission criteria for transfer students. In addition, our meetings helped me reach my goals by creating time-driven tasks. Prior to our meetings, I would have been lethargic about researching ideal colleges, reading business newspapers, or discerning what major suits me best for my college years. Therefore, the meetings have aided me in completing research for college as well as allowing me to realize I need additional extracurricular activity. As a result, I took up an internship for real estate in Rancho Santa Fe for Summer 2009. By encouraging me to engage in extracurricular work, I feel that my application to transfer will be much stronger in the year to come. I believe that each meeting contributed to my knowledge by boosting my confidence, teaching me to take initiative, and helping me recognize important information about my college career. I am thankful for the experience, and plan to use my acquired knowledge from the meetings in the future.