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Positions Available

Our growth plans may include you

Generally the Encouragers at Path2Success4ME are sincere, nurturing, involved, professionally trained without an edge of ego, non-judgmental, people.  They are in this line of work because they are suited for it.

Professionally, they have been trained by the best, served in illustrious business and educational endeavors, and have a heart to reach out and help others with the opportunities offered by p2s4me.

“Who I am” is an important part of “Who” Path2Success4ME “is”.  Be bold in telling us about yourself.

Open Positions

Job Title: Client Satisfaction Fanatic

Job Description: The Client Satisfaction Fanatic is responsible for …

  • Validate that certain gifts are inherent in each person and that their experiences in life can bring them forth or bury them.  Our challenge is to encourage those gifts to blossom
  • Consistently empower our Encouragers to determine and achieve an understanding of the importance of ones purpose in life
  • Encourage  our clients and staff to use their gifts
  • Insure the highest standards of client satisfaction are maintained

Job Title: Sales

Job Description: Sales position to contact businesses to use the “Jump Start” program of Path2Success4ME.

If you want to apply or refer a friend to any our open positions, please contact us: Contact info request