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what p2s does

If you have questions … YOU have the answers! (P2S4ME can help you find those answers within yourself!)

Path2Success4ME is a scientifically proven process that enables participants to understand their potential by discovering who they are and what they really want, and then providing them with a proven process to develop their desires, strengths and natural attributes into a doable plan. This process permits them to begin achieving objectives outside of their previous scope, because it embodies positive encouragement and accountability … enabling participants to follow a daily checklist, redirecting their life the way they want it to be fulfilled.

The course does this by focusing on YOU and creating your very own individualized path to finding and discovering your life purpose.

Path2Success4ME does this:

  • You will truly DISCOVER what you are all about. It is not about your friend, lover, boss, co-worker or anyone else…only about YOU.
  • You will become AWARE of how to best use all the wonderful things you were born with.
  • You will develop a new sense of LEADERSHIP as you take charge of YOUR life and employ the simple tools you will want to learn that will help you define what is VERY important to you.
  • You will create your own PLAN for what is important for YOU
  • You will uncover every obstacle to that plan and learn how to achieve what you set out to do.
  • YOU will develop YOUR style of ACCOUNTABILITY that you will enjoy using
  • Best of all, what happens to you will stick with you…not fade away

The program unfolds in three phases:

I. Discover … through a careful self analysis what you really want and don’t want, what stands in your way, or where you’re stuck. We begin with discovery of who you are and where you want to go. Our team of professional motivational coaches will help you launch into a revealing self-examination of what is deep inside you.

II. Develop … with your personal “Encourager’ a unique and personal plan to achieve your direction and ideal purpose in life. As you uncover hidden obstacles and forgotten goals, you will come to realize that you are not stuck between a “rock and a hard place.” You have choices and our coaches will help you redefine your circumstances and create an action plan to transform your life direction and purpose.

III. Flourish … with powerful steps which target, engage and maintain your individual path to happiness and true personal success. Path 2 Success 4 ME has helped many others just like you who may be stuck or not as fulfilled in life as they would like to be.

Path2Success4ME enables people to find answers to questions like:

  • Who am I?
  • What is my Purpose in Life?
  • What On Earth Am I Here For?
  • What is it about my life that sucks?
  • Where am I going in life?
  • What will it look like when I get there?
  • How will I get there?
  • When can that happen?
  • What do I need to learn?
  • What do I need to change?
  • Who can help me?

Subsequently, Path2Success4ME is a program which can help just about anyone, but generally the program is popular with three types of individuals: parents, students, and adults.

Parent – The parent is frustrated because the child is not performing to the parents’ expectations. Parents want to be able to pass their legacy on to their kids, but the child seems unwilling or unable to “do the right things”. The child may do well in certain areas, but is not excelling in others. The parent wants to help in those areas. The parents want to do the “right thing”. Often the mother sees the child in conflict with the father figure and sees no possible resolution in sight, which increases her desire to find a “safe haven” to protect the child. The parent may realize that communication at home is basic and home life is not really encouraging to the child. While the parent provides everything they have a certain level of expectation for the child to “step up to the plate”,

which does not happen usually due to family dynamics of:

A. communication between parent/child is not effective

B. discipline in house hold lacking and usually enforced by yelling or anger

C. parent has not been able to pass on their “knowledge” to child and feels they are not doing their job well

D. little time is spent in family discussions and when time is spent the discussions usually end in someone being upset

E. Conversations tend to be short and parents tailor them to “did you do this…” or “why did you do that”.

F. The parent is desperately not wanting to be a COP, but since child has little respect for parents issues, parents continue to be the COP.

Student - The student is attending class in high school, college, or junior college, but has no clear path to as to where their education will lead them. They feel uncertain, hesitant, maybe lacking in conviction of their direction. Education permits them freedom from having to announce what they intend to do in life. They seek purpose but have not found it in their friends, mentors, family relationships, school work, hobbies, activities, religion, or work. The student knows they want to do something in life but indecision, inability to develop a vision, and distrust of the system cause them emptiness. This may cause them to appear isolated to their parents, as the student is certainly not communicating well with them. The student may have peer relationships with little value (just hanging around), may have no mentors, they may have weak knowledge of where success is available to them, and they may have little ability to articulate who they are and what means something to them. Most certainly they don’t have a picture in their mind of what their destination “looks like” and are relatively blindly seeking direction to something satisfying to them.

Adult – Objectives are not being accomplished. Frustration and or desire for change may encourage a search for alternative solutions. The adult may not have a clear view of their destination in life. By having a course of action they believed in, they would be encouraged to follow it. But the plan if there is one is in disarray and the adult lacks accountability to following it. Since the plan is in-effective or there is none, the adult just fills their day with sameness hoping for a change that never comes. They feel rudderless. While they may be fun on the outside, they are desperate internally. They really want a solution to their frustration with life.

If you would like more information on how P2S4ME can help you, please tell us about yourself.

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