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Accountability and Mentor

The team approach is best, with YOU as the team leader.

Many times in life we are left to our devices to achieve what seems either distant or difficult to achieve. Path2Success4ME provides an personal, effective, heart-warming, self-driven, encouraging, process to help you break old habits and do what you have decided to do.

Two opportunities for solutions have proven helpful:

A. Personalized, Self-Defined Accountability
B. Mentoring

Imagine having a person or process you agree with that acts as a “team member” to provide what is missing in your life and helps you without being unfair, or better yet, a selected, caring, person that literally works thru troublesome issues with you. And all the while YOU are in charge … you are the Team Leader!

Welcome to Path2Success4ME!

There are many ways to view accountability. Perhaps this chart will help:

Level of Accountability Accountability Who is the Accountability Person? Does it Help? Problems with this kind of Accountability Comments
1 None Doesn’t matter Nope No authority, no need to perform Typical of most people
2 Self Yourself Briefly Simple to promise ourself, but enforcement is difficult Normally as strong as it gets
3 Relationship Friend, spouse, peer Maybe, but with difficulty Easy to manipulate to suit our needs Good, because goal awareness is real
4 Credibility Someone YOU respect Short term – usually Good, but not effective for enforcement when we fail Must find right person and be humbled to ask
5 Superior type Someone you will be responsible to Often – its what we have at work Good, for things we desire accountability to help us Effective for many, but lacking in empathy
6 Reward/Penalty Accountability A person or process we agree with that provides what is missing in our life and helps us without being unfair Most Often Very Good, as we are most motivated by reward, but the pain of penalty may be needed when not performing, to bring us back to reward Must choose both reward and penalty that achieve motivation to perform
7 Hands on help, working thru issues as a team Selected, caring, person that literally works thru troublesome issues with you. Definitely Requires special dedication but results are easily measured and success is more assured. Personal, Caring, Encouragement; good scheduling, team attitude to arriving at success
Path2Success4ME brings focus to the benefits of good accountability.  We embrace levels 6 and 7, but permit you, the PathFinder, to choose the level that best suits you.  Please remember, p2s4me is all about you…we help you discover YOURself, become aware of YOUR surroundings, create and establish leadership over YOUR objectives, and YOU will learn how to accept mentoring and accountability in a positive, encouraging manner.
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