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Discover What is Inside Me

Bring out the best of the “real” you

Most of us are familiar with our strengths and challenge areas, especially if we listen to the people we hang out with. Rarely, is someone really in touch with the sensitive part of themselves that provides them the joy and confidence of being incredibly confident of whom they are.

Path2Success4ME brings out the very best in each of us.  Let’s describe the problem first, then you will see how p2s4ME produces such amazing results.

The problem each of us deals with, unless you still live in a cave or on a mountain is “Distraction”.  We are bombarded incessantly by media determined to “dig into” the “quiet space” in each of us.  Domination of our day by cell phones, television, video’s, email, texts, twitters, etc provide little time for doing anything other than responding to the urgencies we have permitted to rule our waking hours.

Rarely do we find a quiet place away from distractions to reflect on who we are, what we are doing, and how we are going to do it.  More importantly, we have not learned to effectively listen to the little voice inside us, that helps us with our day.  In fact, we have learned to ignore most of what people from a thousand years ago were able to do very well…be at peace with our circumstances and surroundings.  It is hard to say that modern media has robbed us of our personal identity, but it may be easier to say that the modern definition of self worth boils down to this:

Self Worth = Other peoples opinions of us + Our Performance (work, family, hobby, etc)

If this formula hits you between the eyes, then maybe you need to find out who you really are. That is one important ingredient of Path2Success4ME: discovering who you really are and what is really important to you, not your spouse, boss, friend, or anyone else…just you.
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