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who we are

Let our Leaders light your way.

The Encouragers behind the leadership coaching principals of Path2Success4ME are sincere, nurturing, involved, professionally trained non-judgmental people that work to keep their ego in the background.

They are in this line of work because they are suited for it.  Professionally, they have been trained by the best, served in illustrious business and educational endeavors, and most of all, they have heart to reach out and help others with the opportunities offered by p2s4me.

Our credentials are certificated by a legacy of effort.  We have worked in the fields of and have developed expertise in:

  • Business

  • Care Giving

  • Coaching

  • Consulting

  • Education

  • Motivation

  • Results

    We developed P2s4me because it is needed.  Please read thru the scientific information that validates “why it works.”  Our board of advisors, our scientist, our encouragers, our empathy for people…these are the ingredients to the magic of path2success4me.
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