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Chief Encourager

Is your purpose locked inside you? P2S4ME may hold the key to your life.

Dave Thorpe is the Founder and Chief Encourager of P2S4ME.  He is an entrepreneur who distinguishes himself by encouraging others to fulfill their ambitions. Dave’s father was a US Army Judge and Dave lived in Germany, Taiwan, and attended high school at Tombstone, Arizona.  In 1966 he received a commission from the US Army at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC.  He served in Viet Nam with the US Army Special Forces and left the Army with the rank of Captain. 

While in high school Dave had worked 30 hours a week in a gas station where he learned to sell and loved it.  After his 4 years in the Army, Dave got back into selling with the Hartford Insurance Group (retirement programs), Bendix Home Systems (mobile homes), and Coral Fiberglas (residential fiberglass bathtubs). 

The lure of California grabbed him in 1977 where he co-founded Sabra Dental (dental supplies).  That led him to join Microdata (mini-computer manufacturer) in 1981, where he became a top salesman for several years.  Desiring more management opportunity he joined another publicly held company in 1985, California Amplifier, where he headed up sales and marketing prior to promotion to Executive VP.  An exciting venture capital funded start-up named Cogensys (artificial intelligence software) brought him to San Diego in 1988 as VP of Sales, but the software didn’t work so he moved on.

Consulting for a short while led him into starting up Data Ticket in 1989, which specialized in assisting cities, counties, and universities to recover revenue from delinquent parking tickets.  Plagued from its infancy with little capital and tough competition from much larger players, Dave was blessed to achieve success by gaining the business from large cities like: Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, New York City, St. Louis, and San Francisco. 

After selling Data Ticket in 1998, he started zZyzx, which purchased and later sold a college campus based retail coffee kiosk business. 

At present, Dave balances three business endeavors: Buffalo Range Ranch (a Montana property development firm); zZyzx (a consulting business to small companies and individuals) and Path2Success4me.

Dave married late in life to Helenjo, his wife of 30years, and they have three terrific kids.  Dave proudly serves at his local Church and believes it is better to give than to receive.

Dave is a slow race-walker, a certified flight instructor, and enjoys the great out-of-doors immensely.  He is always eager for new adventure in his life. Dave is now focused on providing the service of encouragement/problem resolution for people and small companies desiring to improve their lot in life.

My job as Chief Encourager is to:

  • Instill confidence in our staff and clients
  • Consistently empower our Encouragers to determine and achieve an understanding of the importance of one’s purpose in life
  • Encourage our clients and staff to use their gifts
  • Insure the highest standards of client satisfaction are maintained…that means satisfying you!