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Our Encouragers

Get to know our experienced Encouragers

The Encouragers behind the leadership coaching principals of Path2Success4ME are sincere, nurturing, involved, professionally trained without an edge of ego, non-judgmental, people.  They are in this line of work because they are suited for it.  Professionally, they have been trained by the best, served in illustrious business and educational endeavors, and have a heart to reach out and help others with the opportunities offered by p2s4me.

*  Jill Baker is a mom of 5 and ran an 80 person software implementation company for PeopleSoft.  Her heart is in serving others and she is active in her business and personal life with the specific goal of insuring the underdog is cared for.  Most folks don’t have a Jill Baker in their life.  Path2Success4ME is proud that Jill is on the Board of Advisors.

*  Christie Gilbert is a mother, grandmother, and a business development coach.   She is amazing in all three roles.  As an independent business coach her many clients include McKinsey & Company.  Path2Success4ME is thrilled to have Christie serving on our Board of Advisors.

*  John Martin is a father, has his doctorate in Psychology, and is a clinical psychologist.  His vast personal experience lends tremendous credibility to the process used by Path2Success4ME.  John is an officer of Path2Success4ME and sits on our Board of Advisors, and well as holding down the title of “Chief Science Officer.”  For more information about John please click here.

*  Jonathan Searle is a father and business man.  Jonathan learned at an early age how to lead with his heart and has not yet stopped.  We are confident he never will.  His business instincts are excellent and he has purchased, operated, and sold several small businesses.  Jonathan sits on the Board of Advisors of Path2Success4ME.

*  Dave Thorpe is a father, businessman and business coach.  Dave is the founder of Path2Succes4ME and has passionately brought his enthusiasm and desire to help others into the business.  His desire is to assist those with something in their life that needs encouragement.  Dave sits on the company’s Board of Advisors.  For information about Dave please click here.

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