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Training is serious business. In order to get training you must qualify.

The success of Path2Success4ME process is enabled by the technical training of our coaches, whom we refer to as “Encouragers”.

The training regime begins with personality, then moves to clinical. Before a candidate can become certified, they must demonstrate a “ personality” conducive to “Caring” for others.

Path2Success4me is all about the client or as we refer to them, the “PathFinder”. The single most important ingredient to the success of our program is the attitude created by our Encouragers. Thus the first thing we seek is an attitude of nourishment, enjoyment, care, not being judgemental, not pushy, but warm and very considerate in our candidates.

Once they pass the personality hurdle they learn each phase of the p2s4me process and the value of it to the client. It is not unusual for our Encouragers to take extra initiative to bring relevancy to the program. Since it is all about the client, our encouragers must learn not to voice their opinion…even when asked.

Thus the Encourager becomes skilled in helping the client unlock the treasures inside them, without intimidating or harassing the PathFinder. The simple rule in our company is to HELP make this experience unique and rewarding for our wonderful clients. We do this by being gracious, being involved, by caring immensely, by encouraging, and by being there for you.

When an Encourager becomes certified they have the compassion and the skill to bring out the very best in you. So when we say our Encouragers get training, we mean they get really trained to serve YOU.

If you would like more information on becoming certified as a trainer for P2S4ME, please tell us about yourself…