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What Others Say

Comments from people who have attended courses at the Path2Success4ME Institute

This page is a compilation of comments from P2S4ME “Pathfinders”, which could be helpful in determining the value of this unusual opportunity to help you discover your life purpose, help you figure out why something is preventing you from achievement of a special goal, or uncovering something important that will help you flourish.

Along the way these Pathfinders all developed a plan, based on the following:

1. We help you find out about yourself without bringing out negatives.  We focus on the good in you and help you understand how much good there is inside of you.
2. We take the good things inside of you and cause you to view them from different viewpoints.  This permits you to develop a keen awareness of who you really are.
3. You will learn how to validate what is going on inside you.  You will be able to easily prioritize your feelings, your emotions, your desires, your ambitions, your intent and how much you are willing to put forth to obtain a desired objective.
4. In the leadership side of things you will begin creating your own very important personal goals and objectives that bring forth true excitement and ambition.
5. After you have identified the obstacles to your plan you will learn how to overcome the obstacles and presto…you will have your Personal Action Plan, which will certainly lead you to your purpose in life.

Some of these comments below are quite profound!  Happy reading … !

“The process allows you to realize you don’t have things figured out, but does not penalize you for having such thoughts. It is without predjudice.”

“The huge bucket of life makes it difficult to focus on what to do. P2S4ME helps evaluate what to do.”

“What I like is that there is room for growth and change. Nothing is set in stone”

“I liked that P2S4ME helped me decide what was important, and I can continue to use it every day.”

“P2S4ME helps lower the barriers and raise the person.”

“I had a hard time sorting out my circumstances, so I was thrilled with the Time Circle, which forced me to allocate my time and evaluate what I did and needed to do next.”

“I discovered where my unhappiness came from and found that I was focused on the wrong issues.”

“I felt I had learned something so awesome which I related to as being able to put the airplane oxygen mask on myself with a process that now makes me capable of really helping others.”

“The P2S4ME process is so revealing.  My life had become all about being in a “safe place’ which was boring and missing out on life.  It is when you are alive that things grow. P2s4me makes you alive and healthy.”

“When I viewed the questions, I was amazed at how much was brought out that I did not believe possible.”

“It can be applied to different chapters of life – at different levels – and at different circumstances -happy times, family times, personal decisions, next steps, handling of the past and relationships.”

“It helped me learn a different approach to my life and how I now treat each day, each conversation.”

“I have a new way to access thoughts and dreams. I have become able, more efficient, more clear, better able to plan and communicate, to say what I want.”

“It is like having your belongings in drawers when you need something – YOU KNOW WHERE TO LOOK. It empowered me with a powerful tool that I can use whenever I want.”

“I don’t worry about second guessing myself anymore.”

“P2S4ME put things in perspective that were relevant to my life.”

“We think by hiding the little things life will be easier. It is to the contrary – the little things make who you are, and the difference between happiness and survival.”

“I felt reinforced by my coach in being able to go where ‘it hurts’ and it being OK.  There is no blame, admonition, or judgment against you.”

“I was able to secure a job offer with what I learned from P2S4ME, as I had become very comfortable with myself going thru the process, and this became so apparent to the boss that they hired me because they could see the real person and they liked the real person … before I would have been trying to become the person I thought they wanted me to be.”

“I was able to teach other people how to leverage what I learned from P2S4ME.”

“The process allows the individual to belong to themselves. It allows TO GO BACK TO THE NATURAL ROOTS and evolve according to the INDIVIDUAL NEEDS not according to ‘limiting beliefs’.”

“The P2S4ME process provides a tool kit for life!”

“The program is about putting yourself on track – finding the track you want to be/meant to be on.”

“I saw the importance of clarifying what you don’t want, what doesn’t work, what you’re not good at.”

“I enjoyed becoming authentic to my true nature, purpose, self, and surrendered to my personal transparency.”

“I learned to become clear on life without second guessing myself anymore - knowing what’s first to tackle.”

“I struggled with some questions, but found that I really needed to deal with them to work on my life.”

“It’s like yoga stretching – where are you bound up, tight?”

“This is such a piece of mind – it is this last barrier where I know that if I can turn back onto how I lived my life and what I did and who I had in it … and that I have no regrets doing it. I lived well and my time was not wasted. Regrets are subjective – it is the ultimate testimony that you live in HARMONY within. You can have regrets but then do something about them – so at the end they are just experiences you learned from.”

“I enjoyed how ‘raw’ a person could be – meaning that society demands certain behavior.  Going through the process I could completely be myself.”

“The ‘seven questions’ brought me to realize how important other people were in my life.”

“I enjoyed being ‘allowed’ to confess to myself what was plugging up my life.”

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